The Skin Camouflage Consultancy was established in 2008 by Val Ross. Apart from her extensive experience in providing medico-legal reports to the legal and insurance professions on the techniques and life time costs of applying skin camouflage techniques and products for the benefit of people suffering from scars and burn marks , Val was also a national trainer/assessor for the British Red Cross's skin camouflage service. That service was  created to ensure people who have experienced traumatic injuries can walk away and feel confident within their skin again. It enables individuals to learn how to care for their injuries and gives post operative support once everything is healed to then be able to continue their life with no insecurities about scars, burns or any skin  conditions. 



Sadly, Val passed away in September 2018 but her practice has now been continued by her daughter-in-law Lina Ross, who she had been training for over 6 years. Lina holds private clinics  in Harley Street, London and Rodney Street, Liverpool and travels extensively around the UK to visit clients. In addition Lina is a trained and accredited  member of The British Association of Skin Camouflage and holds the Bond Solon Certificate 1 in Medical Reporting. She has gained knowledge and experience in Skin Camouflage by participating in various Courses and being certified in Cosmetic Camouflage by Kryolan, as well as holding a certificate in Biotek Digital Micro-Pigmentation by Natural Enhancement UK. This qualification has now been advanced to ITEC level 4 in Micro-Pigmentation.  She is currently undergoing training in Medical Tattooing developing skills and knowledge within the Medical industry. Lina has gained a high reputation through being referred by, and working with, the leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the country


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