" Very interesting and valuble session to attend, and very informative "


- Dr Coackley, Marie Curie Hospice, Liverpool​

" Val pointed me in the right direction with regard to the best colour match and products with which to cover my facial portwine stain. She was very friendly and completely put me at ease making the whole experience enjoyable and informative "


-Elaine, Berkshire

Thank you very much for your help the other week, particularly your top make-up tips! I have managed to order all the make-up on prescription and I'm picking it up tomorrow so i'll let you know how it goes...


- Kate , Chester


"I heard of Val Ross and her skin camouflage makeup through a friend whose friend had a very large birthmark on her chest, after she had the makeup session with Val you could not see the birthmark at all. My friend suggested I tried it as I have suffered from acne since 11 yrs
old and still have live acne at the age of 52yrs old with pock marks and red veins.
I went to the makeup session not convinced that it would improve my skinas I already wore make up but the difference has been amazing and it has done such a lot for my confidence in the past I would cancel going out due to my skin but now I don't need to as it is so improved unlike ordinary makeup the makeup used is from natural products and you can almost feel it soothing your skin straight away."

-Linda, Wirral.

" Hi Val, It was good to learn from you yesterday, a bit nervous about doing it, but as you say will practice, so thank you for all your help with it all."


Tom, Leicester

" Hi Val, Wedding was last saturday and everything went well. Wasn't brave enough enough to take off my chiffon jacket but that was more to do with the cold and a problem with my dress.  Make up was brilliant didn't budge all day and certainly made me feel more confident. We went with the foundation and powder as we found it lasted really well when we practiced. 
Thank you so much I now have the ability to cover up the scars when ever I want to."
"Thank you very much for all the help you have given me in learning to deal with my scar"

- Nina , Grosevenor Nuffield Hospital

'I came from Spain to see Val in London and i am very pleased i decided todo so. It was 100% worth the trip. She ensured that i left with a result iwas truly happy with and was very personable. Thank you Val, muchappreciated!'.


Sarah, Spain


"Having a port wine stain, i attempted to cover it up with make-up. However, i didn't know how to apply the make-up correctly and it looked caked on and uneven. I knew that i was doing something wrong, but what, i did not know. In Oregon, USA, where i live we don't have cosmeticians who specialize in camouflage imperfections, so i had no one to show me correctly how to apply make-up over my birthmark. So, i emailed a number of peple asking for advice on make-up application, but the replies i recieved weren't descriptive - so they were very little help. Before finding a correct way to cover up my birthmark i emailed the Skin Camouflage Network who then referred me to Val Ross. I told her that i was looknig for advice on how to apply make-up correctly. She then clearly and step by step described the 'pat and roll' method. After trying this method i was stunned by the wonderful results i achieved. I am so glad that i have finally found th right way to cover my birthmark - and all thanks to Val."


- Ruth, Oregon USA

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